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Directional Dice

I'm back to working on the 2nd edition of Mythic Chronicle, and with that comes a whole host of system revisions. In 1st edition I used a mechanic called D10 From Center, which while it worked fine never accounted for larger play areas. With 2nd edition including exterior encounters (36x36 inches!) I needed to refine the mechanic a little. Enter Directional Dice! Directional Dice DD: Directional Dice(DD) are used to randomly determine where to place terrain features, adversaries, and other objects of interest. When rolled, a D10 can be viewed from above to get a direction based on where the point of the dice is facing. When called to place something using DD roll a D10, then move it to the center of the area, maintaining the orientation rolled. Once moved, use the point of the D10 as a guide and place the element against the edge of the encounter area. DD D#: When called to place something using DD D#, use the method described above, additionally rolling a dice of the size called

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