Directional Dice

I'm back to working on the 2nd edition of Mythic Chronicle, and with that comes a whole host of system revisions. In 1st edition I used a mechanic called D10 From Center, which while it worked fine never accounted for larger play areas. With 2nd edition including exterior encounters (36x36 inches!) I needed to refine the mechanic a little. Enter Directional Dice!

Directional Dice
DD: Directional Dice(DD) are used to randomly determine where to place terrain features, adversaries, and other objects of interest. When rolled, a D10 can be viewed from above to get a direction based on where the point of the dice is facing. When called to place something using DD roll a D10, then move it to the center of the area, maintaining the orientation rolled. Once moved, use the point of the D10 as a guide and place the element against the edge of the encounter area.

DD D#: When called to place something using DD D#, use the method described above, additionally rolling a dice of the size called for. Once rolled, place the element that many inches from the center of the encounter area, or at the edge of the area if the inches rolled exceed the available space. When called to roll DD D10, simply use the number rolled on the original DD rather than rolling additional dice.

E.g. When placing a locked chest DD D6 from center, the Oracle rolls a D10 and a D6. The D6 comes up as a 3, and so the locked chest is placed 3 inches from the center of the room, in the direction the D10 was pointing when rolled.


Ok, this isn't a revolutionary mechanic as scatter dice have been around for a long time now. That said, I am happy with the flexibility this is going to give when populating adventure areas. Please feel free to use this in your own games, as I really do think it's a useful tool to add some controlled chaos when creating scenarios! I plan on updating here and on the FB page as I make progress with 2nd Edition, so if you're interested in watching as things develop, stop back every once and awhile!



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