Rise of the Necromancers, Campaign Log 3


Last week Dra’mour and Orbuhl barely escaped the ruins beneath Stormrest. This week we follow them into the crypts to kill the necromancer Shaldri Breathtaker.

Weekly Actions
Each week, Mythic are able to undertake 2 actions before generating adventures (3 with the help of an ally). With his ankle broken Dra’mour makes his way to a local surgeon to see if they can heal it. He pays 5 valuables, and I roll a D6. I roll a 5, which means some progress has been made toward healing the injury, and for each subsequent visit I’ll subtract 1 from the roll until I get a 1, which will mean it has been healed and I can remove it from his sheet. Had I originally rolled a 6 the injury would have been deemed beyond the scope of conventional medicine, and Dra’mour would have had to find another way to treat it.

For his second action Dra’mour heads to the market. I had forgotten to roll to see if Dra'mour equipment became damaged during the last adventure, so I do that now, finding both his large shield and one handed weapon were damaged in his fall. He sells one of the squirrel toes and pays 5V in order to get those repaired.

Next he buys two light weapons for Orbuhl, one to replace the one lost while escaping from the dwarven quarreler, and another as a backup. Unfortunately, because of the raids on the merchants, Dra’mour has to pay double the usual cost.

Generating Adventures

1: Crisis adventure, kill character

2: Crisis adventure, transport item
3: Patron adventure, two goals: retrieve item & gather information

Because the goal card for the patron adventure was a joker, I draw two additional goal cards, which would mean more work, but also increased rewards.

Dra’mour decides to check out the kill character adventure first. We see based on the adventure difficulty that there is a bounty on a novice necromancer. I draw three cards, and discover he is an elf, though he has no traits. I roll a d10 twice, but the boost to his first mobility number is canceled out by a penalty to his first mobility number, so no changes to his stats to remember. I give him a name: Shaldri Breathtaker

Time for some chorus questions:
"Is Shaldri one of the necromancers coordinating the attacks? 6, No."

"Are they in charge of excavating the tunnels? 4, No, and they aren’t really ‘in charge’ of anything"

"Is Shaldri one of the necromancers responsible for Lharian’s death, the merchant Dra’mour was friends with? 4, No, and Shaldri isn’t even participating in these attacks."

"Is someone offering information about the raids in exchange for Shaldri’ s death? 2, No, but they are willing to lend aid in repelling them."

Here is what we know: An unknown figure has reached out to Dra’mour. They have discovered the location of the necromancer Shaldri Breathtaker and want them killed, for unknown reasons. While they have the resources to provide additional guards to the merchant caravans, they need a Mythic to go into the crypts to kill Shaldri, as sending a larger force would be spotted too quickly and Shaldri could flee.

Dra’mour isn’t too keen on mysterious benefactors, doubly so when they’re asking for someone to be killed, However, with no support from the town guard it looks like this is his best option going forward. He could investigate the gather information adventure, but those require Lore challenges, and as established, Dra’mour’s logic isn’t his strength. There is nothing else Dra’mour needs to buy, and he can’t afford a mercenary so he heads out toward the crypt Shaldri is residing in.

Encounter 1: Event: Curious Markings

Dra’mour and Orbuhl find themselves outside the ancient dwarven tunnels, now turned to crypts where the necromancer Shaldri is said to be plying their dark arts. I decide to ask a chorus question: “Are the markings in dwarven? 6, No, they’re too fresh, and written in blood” Maybe a warning, maybe instructions for other fell sorcerers that try to visit. Orbuhl takes a crack at deciphering them first, rolling a 9 and quickly getting frustrated due to the messy writing, and unfamiliar patterns. Dra’mour tries next, rolling a 16 and cursing that he never paid attention when the scholars would lecture long about the importance of ciphers. Back when he was a scout he had a whole team he could count on for this kind of thing...now it’s just him and Orbuhl, and neither of them is adept at this kind of work.

Because they both failed, they’re now Frustrated (Penatly(1) to Lg-, Cn-, and Rv+) for the next encounter, AND the next encounter has it’s difficulty increased by 1. No loot (failed to successfully resolve the encounter) and no narrative (rolled a 9)

Encounter 2: Adversaries: 12x16 area, 4 Skeletons, 1 Novice Necromancer

When Dra’mour failed to heed the markings outside, a magical ward was activated, which drew the attention of one of the necromancers working with Shaldri. (usually at difficulty 1 there would only have been 4 skeletons, but at difficulty 2 a necromancer becomes part of the encounter.) Dra’mour and Orbuhl are met face to face with the necromancer and their skeletons, but at least have their wits together enough to win initiative, rolling a 3.

Dra’mour Turn 1

Orbuhl shoots at the approaching skeleton, but misses terribly, having been startled by their sudden approach. The skeleton, for their part, whips a dagger at Orbuhl, who thankfully dodges out of its way. (The skeleton rolled a 1 when they were attacked at range, which gives them the chance to take one of a few retaliatory actions, such as a free movement action, or returning fire)

Not wanting to get overwhelmed Dra’mour moves in and quickly smashes apart the offending skeleton

Adversaries Turn 1

The necromancer curses, makes an arcane gesture, and a shard of bone flies directly toward Dra’mour! Thankfully he dodges out of the way just in time! (Bone spike is an exceptional ability that novice necromancers have at their disposal in lieu of a normal ranged attack, using their Logic(Lg-) rather than their Finesse(Fn-) to attack with.

The necromancer treards backwards, attempting to get away from Dra’mour while the skeletons, which would normally stand around and mind their own business if they couldn’t perceive an enemy, come to the necromancer’s defence due to their command undead ability. The skeleton near Dra’mour moves forward and attacks, though is no match for him, and ends up staggered.

Dramour Turn 2

Taking the opportunity to strike while the skeleton is off balance, Dra’mour cuts it down with a blow it has no hope of resisting.

Orbuhl targets the necromancer, and manages to lodge an arrow firmly into their arm, despite their hiding behind a wall.

Dra’mour and Orbuhl both make for cover, not wanting to become a target for the necromancer’s arcane attacks.

Adversaries Turn 2

The necromancer moves to the other side of the wall, and summons another arcane bone spike, but Orbuhl manages to tumble out of its path. The skeletons, unable to perceive anyone move to protect their master.

Dra’mour Turn 3

Orbuhl, remembering their training as a scout, fires at the necromancer and drops them, an arrow protruding from their gut as they slump face down. "Always kill the arcanist first!"

Dra’mour cautiously moves forward.

Adversaries Turn 3
The skeletons, now without the necromancer around to control them, shamble toward Dra’mour and Orbuhl.

Dra’mour Turn 4

Dra’mour engages the skelton, but only manages to push it away, then moves backwards toward the entrance.

Orbuhl backs off as well and lets an arrow fly, shattering a different skeleton into pieces.

Adversaries Turn 4
The remaining skeleton doesn’t have sufficient logic to take a break test, so just moves forward to engage Dra’mour.

Dra’mour Turn 5

Dra’mour fights off the skeleton, managing another push and falls back while Orbuhl advances and shoots at the skeleton, who defelects the arrow and moves forward.

Adversaries Turn 5

The skeleton moves forward and wins the ensuing melee. Dra’mour rolls a 1 to resist trauma, but spends a Myth to instead become staggered.

Dra’mour Turn 6

Dra’mour disengages, not wanting to fight while staggered if possible, while Orbuhl takes a close range shot at the skeleton, knocking it prone. Orbuhl puts away their bow and draws their one handed weapon.

Adversaries Turn 6
The skeleton stands and engages Orbuhl.

Dra’mour Turn 7

Dra’mour recovers from being staggered and reengages. Orbuhl, feeling confident with just one skeleton remaining takes a swing at it, but they gets rebuffed, avoiding being injured, but are staggered instead.

Adversaries Turn 7

I roll a D6 to determine which character the skeleton attacks, ending up with a 1 for Dra’mour. Both the skeleton and Dra’mour roll a 3, so break apart from the deadlock, the skeleton running into the wall and becomes staggered. It spends its next action recovering from the stagger.

Dra’mour Turn 8

At this point Orbuhl pulls out a light weapon and hurls it at point blank range, catching the skeleton in the jaw and shattering its skull! The power that animated it fades and it falls to the floor in a clatter of equipment and bones.

Post Encounter
Dra’mour is still frustrated from the earlier event encounter, so I roll their Rv+ with a Penalty(1) vs TN7 and get a 4, so no Myth recovered. I roll a 6 for Narrative, which means we’ve found out something about one of the followers on the adventure. I ask some Chorus questions:

“Was Orbuhl a scout during the times of the pale madness (See Dra’mour backstory in campaign log 1) 4: No, and they had only just become a recruit when Dra’mour decided to head to Stormrest.” This must mean that Orbuhl followed Dra’mour for reasons other than their time serving together as scouts.

“Did Orbuhl follow Dra’mour because they believed they could learn more from Dra’mour than staying on as a scout in Crowhaven? 2, No, but  Orbuhl did decide to follow Dra’mour because of his reputation.” I leave it there for now, wondering why Orbuhl left Crowhaven so soon after becoming a scout...maybe they saw binding themselves to Dra’mour as a way to escape something? I’ll have to leave that for another time...

Fame and Fortune reveals we get 2 reward cards, and when I go to loot their equipment I realize that the skeletons should have been taking penalities to their melee rolls all along, because their equipment starts with the Damaged trait. Oh well, no harm, just have to remember that going forward. I end up with 10V, a pouch of choking dust (staggers an opponent on a successful ranged attack), and Orbuhl retrieves their thrown light weapon.

Encounter 3: Event: Spider Eggs

Dra’mour and Orbuhl move forward into a small chamber covered in spider webs. In the corner is a cluster of fragile spider eggs, and above and around them hang immaculately cleaned bones, acting as a sort of alarm if disturbed. The spider eggs are valuable if retrieved, so Orbuhl risks it, rolling manipulate Device (Fn-) vs TN6. Success! I roll a D4 and get that many eggs, plus the adventure difficulty, for a total of 3. If Orbuhl can get them back to Stormrest in one piece they’ll sell for 10V each!

Post Encounter
Rolled a 5 for Myth recovery, no no luck there. 9 for Narrative, so nothing there either. Fame and Fortune nets us a card, 3R, so Dra’mour and Orbuhl have a little something to brag about after snatching those spider eggs. No luck on locating the goal either, so time to move on to the next encounter.

Encounter 4: Adversaries: 16x16 area, 3 Skeletons

Dra’mour and Orbuhl wander the ruins turned crypt, stepping over the piles of bones littering the floor from coffins broken open, the necromancer’s desperate attempts to gather components leaving no regard for the dignity of the interred. Soon their footsteps begin to echo, a cavernous room stretching before them, and the creak of dry bones answers them back.

Adversaries Turn 1
Since these skeletons aren’t under the control of anyone, and not a one of them can see their opponents, they stay put.

Dra’mour Turn 1

Sneaking forward, Dra’mour and Orbuhl know there are skeletons in the room but they don’t want to get tangled in with them just yet.

Adversaries Turn 2

More standing about

Dra'mour Turn 2

In a flurry of action Orbuhl whips around the side of the wall and lets loose an arrow, easily taking down the skeleton armed with a spear.

Dra’mour moves to attack as well, but catches the skeleton’s bow in the jaw, staggering him.

Adversaries Turn 3

Being a simple set of animated bones the skeleton claws at Dra’mour, who manages to land a solid blow, smashing across the chamber. The great sword wielding skeleton, now sensing the intruders, moves in.

Dra’mour Turn 3

Dra’mour recovers from the stagger while Orbuhl takes careful aim and shatters the final skeleton with a well placed arrow.

Post Encounter
Dra’mour recovers a point of Myth. For narrative I roll a 3, so he also discovers something about the location they’re currently in. I ask a Chorus question:

“Is this one of the newer portions of the crypts? 2, No, but it wasn’t heavily used when it was created, since it’s out of the way, and was meant to be filled only after other sections were at capacity.” That makes sense why a group of novice necromancers would be here, fighting over the scraps of poorer locations, looking for materials. No fame or fortune to be found, and no luck with the goal being in the next encounter.

Encounter 5: Event: Poison Trap

Finding themselves in a narrow hallway, Orbuhl lets out a quick yelp as they trip across a low hanging wire, which in turn causes  several vials of noxious acid to drop on the ground around them. The acid starts billowing into deadly gas clouds and Dra’mour and Orbuhl dash out of the hall, coughing and sputtering, but are otherwise unharmed. Though they sustained no injury, both of them become frustrated. (Orbuhl failed a perception challenge with a 12, and then both characters needed to roll Rn+ TN4, or they would have received trauma.)

Post Encounter
I roll for Narrative, and get a 6, another bit of information about Orbuhl.

“Was Orbuhl fleeing something in Crowhaven? 3, Yes, but that isn’t why they bound themselves to Dra’mour.”

“Would they have been arrested if they were caught? 2 No, but they were fleeing something that brought them great shame.” Dra’mour isn’t sure how he feels about this revelation, but understands the impulse to leave when something simply becomes too much to handle.

No fame or fortune because the event was a failure. Dra’mour steadies himself, sensing that this is the end and that his quarry waits in just the next room. (The next encounter is the final one, so the adventure goal, Shaldri, will automatically be present.)

Encounter 6: Adversaries: 8x16 area, 3 Skeletons, 1 Death Knight, Shaldri Breathtaker (Novice Necromancer)

Adversaries Turn 1

Dra’mour and Orbuhl find themselves in a laboratory, face to face with Shaldri Breathtaker, along with three skeletons, and a death knight! The first skeleton launches an arrow at Dra’mour, who knocks it out of the way with his shield and runs forward, trying to take out the death knight as soon as possible.

Shaldri attacks Orbuhl with a bones spike, staggering them. Dra’mour and the death knight fight, with Dra’mour getting knocked away, stumbling into some crates.

Dra’mour Turn 1

Dra’mour recovers from being staggered and moves around his opponent, positioning himself so as not to get knocked into anything, and to avoid being shot at. Orbuhl also recovers and takes a shot at a skeleton, destroying it.

Adversaries Turn 2

Shaldri sends another bone spike toward Orbuhl, who dodges out of the way. The death knight engages Dra’mour, who loses by 3, but spends a point of Myth to make it a loss by 1.  Good thing, too, because I end up rolling a 2 for his Rn+ and he is pushed rather than wounded!

Dra’mour Turn 2


Dra’mour re-engages, and despite the Bonus(2) the death knight’s heavy armor gives them, he is able to wound them. Orbuhl has similar luck, threading an arrow between the barrels and urns Shaldri hides behind, wounding him as well.

Adversaries Turn 3
The death knight attacks, but gets pushed back into the rubble behind them, becoming staggered, but uses their second action to regain their balance. Shaldri misses with another bone spike

Dra’mour Turn 3

Dra’mour presses their advantage, staggering the death knight.  Orbuhl fires at Shaldri again, but Shaldri dodges and manages to summon another bone spike, though it misses as well.

Adversaries Turn 4

The death knight desperately attacks, though in the ensuing melee Dra’mour just barely manages to beat them, resulting in them being staggered again, and completely losing their feet, falling to the floor. All Shaldri can do is fire bone spikes and curse Orbuhl as they take cover behind the rubble, the arcane missiles shattering on the fallen stone.

Dra’mour Turn 4

Dra’mour moves to plunge his blade into the knight’s exposed side, but the knight’s sword moves to parry the blow, which would leave them in a deadlock. Dra’mour twists fate with a point of Myth and slashes at the knight’s now exposed arm, which leaves them needing a 3 or better on their extremely penalized Resilience(Rn+) roll. They roll a 2. Shaldri fares no better, getting hit with another arrow and succumbing to their wounds. Now all that’s left is to destroy the remaining skeletons

Adversaries Turn 5
The two skeletons move forward

Dra’mour Turn 5

Both Dra’mour and Orbuhl manage to roll 1’s, destroying the skeletons and ending the encounter.

Post Encounter
Restored some Myth, and rolled a 4 for narrative. While doing a sweep of the room Dra’mour discoveres something about the goal of the adventure. Chorus Questions:

“Does he find evidence of why the mysterious figure wanted Shaldri Killed? 1, Yes.”

“Had Shaldri harmed them in some way? 1, Yes.”

“Had Shaldri killed someone they loved? 2, No, but they had raised one of their ancestors from the dead, causing them great shame and embarrassment.” At this point Dra’mour realizes that the person that tipped them off and promised aid against the caravan attacks must be a noble of some kind. While Dra’mour doesn’t care to be used as a pawn to restore the pride of some rich noble, at least they’ll be providing some relief to the merchants, and helping put a stop to this crisis.

Fame and Fortune reveals 4V and 8R, and stripping the death knight of their heavy armor gives Orbuhl some additional protection.

Post Adventure
Scavenge: Dra’mour has 4 points of unused encumbrance, so can carry out 5V worth of trinkets/loot. With the heavy armor, Orbuhl is at capacity, so cannot scavenge, but they still have those 3 eggs that will be more than worth their weight when sold. Dra’mour also gains 1 Myth, and 10 reputation for successfully completing the adventure. Finally, because he completed a crisis adventure successfully, I put a check in the first box of the crisis track. (The crisis track measures how close the adventurers are to the ‘final confrontation’ which determines if and how the crisis is resolved, and ends the campaign.)

Dra’mour meets with the person representing the unknown noble and presents proof of Shaldri’s demise and is promised that no expense will be spared to help reinforce the caravans. This doesn’t mean the raids will stop, and some of them will still likely be destroyed, or just avoid traveling at all, but this is a start to ending the crisis. For now Dra’mour and Orbuhl will take a well deserved night's rest, and start planning their next move in the morning.


Let me know what you think of the playthroughs down in the comments. I think going forward I'll be focusing less on each roll/turn and doing points of interest in each encounter, as while Mythic Chronicle plays quickly, recording every roll can certainly slow things down! I'm curious to find out what caused Orbuhl to leave Crowhaven with so much shame, and what will happen next now that the merchants are receiving some reinforcement against the raids! Until next time!

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