Rise of the Necromancers, Campaign Log 1

With the launch of Mythic Chronicle I wanted to document a full campaign, and also indulge myself in some quality solo gaming.

First I made my Mythic, Dra’mour of Crowhaven. Mythic are mortals who have found within them the power to bend reality to their wills, among other powers.  They’re drawn to adventure, and act as the player's main character throughout the chronicle.

Name: Dra’mour of Crowhaven
Pronouns: He/Him
Lineage: Elven/Fey
Size: Medium
Traits: Lithe, Fearless(1)
Myth Pool:

Power (Pw-): D10
Finesse (Fn-): D12
Cunning (Cn-): D10
Logic (Lo-): D16
Resilience (Rn+): D8
Resolve (Rv+): D8
Fortitude (Ft): 3
Mobility (Mb): 4/4

Equipment: Light armor, large shield, one handed weapon, light weapon

Physical Impression: Dra’mour of Crowhaven holds himself as a warrior; body loose, yet always poised to move. Dark eyes peer from beneath a hood always partially shadowing his face, though he has had to modify it to accommodate his long ears, which show his partial fey lineage. His smile is not unkind, but it is pained, as though the suffering he has seen firsthand hangs heavy on him always.

Backstory: Having served as a scout for many years, Dra’mour has seen more than his fair share of tragedy. When the pale madness swept through the forest, turning whole sections into unlivable dead-zones, he was responsible for trying to get people from affected villages out safely, but often arrived too late.  He resigned his post afterwards and traveled to Stormrest, too haunted by what he had seen in the forest to ever return.

Personal Motivation: Dra’mour knows the despair of fighting a losing battle, and uses his skills to help others turn the tide against lost causes. He has a special fondness for common folk, and will go out of his way to help them when he can.

Next I made Orbuhl as Dra’mour’s bound follower.  Bound followers are those who have decided they want to tie their fate up with those of the Mythic, and have undergone a ceremony in which they're given some of the Mythic’s power.  Making a bound follower isn’t necessary, and it does cost 4 Myth, but I’ve found it’s always helpful to have one around (especially when playing solo.)

Name: Orbuhl Skycaller
Pronouns: They/Them
Lineage: Orc
Size: Medium
Traits: Relentless

Power (Pw-): D12
Finesse (Fn-): D10
Cunning (Cn-): D12
Logic (Lo-): D12
Resilience (Rn+): D8
Resolve (Rv+): D8
Fortitude (Ft): 2
Mobility (Mb): 4/3

Equipment: Light armor, bow, one handed weapon, light weapon

Physical Impression: Broad, yet gentle, Orbuhl’s heavy frame hides a litheness that few expect.

Next up is establishing the Consequence, and the Faction responsible for the crisis.  The crisis being the ‘big problem’ that the Mythic work towards ending. I draw two cards, looking at the face of each:

Consequence: Price Gouging.  Equipment purchased at the market is double the listed price.  Looks like the usual flow of goods has been disrupted, which makes me glad I spent all the valuables I had getting gear at character creation.

Faction: Necromancers of Huern.  Looks like I’ll be fighting a lot of skeletons.  This faction has a huge underground complex where the dead of Stormrest have been interred, and they’re using them for their necromantic experiments.

Now that I know the what and the who I’m going to ask a few chorus questions to flesh out the narrative.  I do this by rolling a D6, and then interpreting the answer from there based on what is rolled:

1: Yes                2: No, but
3: Yes, but       4: No, and
5: Yes, and       6: No

Have the necromancers been ambushing merchants?  5; Yes, and it seems they’ve been gathering the looted weapons and armor at an alarming rate. (I suspect they may be trying to arm an undead army)

Is it known how the necromancers are getting out of the crypts? 1, Yes. They’re using newly uncovered tunnels that exit on the other side of the city walls. (This explains how they’re able to get in and out of the city, and attack with impunity)

Is the guild of merchants offering a reward to put an end to these attacks? 5, Yes, and they’re willing to extend a medal of protectorship and the deed to a modest abode in addition to any other rewards.  (This is mostly an rp reward, but Dra’mour has been living out of taverns and flop houses, so this would be a step up in the world for them)

Now lets wrap it all up in a neat bow and summarize.

Crisis: The necromancers have been sending undead against merchant caravans coming into Stormrest and looting their weapons and armor.  They’ve excavated old collapsed tunnels and so the guard has been powerless to stop them.  The guild of merchants is desperate for this to end and has offered a handsome reward.

Finally we need to consider Dra’mour’s personal stake in all of this.  After all, we want our adventures to be about the characters, not just the problems they’re solving.

Personal Stake: One of the merchants killed in the latest raid was a personal friend of Dra’mour.  The merchant, Lharian, used to bring him spices from distant Crowhaven, and share news of how his old home was fairing.  Dra’mour doesn’t want to see an undead army rise and destroy his new home of Stormrest, but he also cannot forgive the necromancers for the unnecessary death of his dear friend.

And that it’s!  We’ve got our character, the crisis, and a compelling reason for them to see it ended.  I’m super excited to start playing, but I’m going to at least get Dra’mour and Orbuhl painted up before I begin.

I hope you enjoyed this intro to my campaign for Mythic Chronicle ~ Stormrest.  If you like what you read and want to give the game a try yourself I’m currently running a sale on Itch.io for 20% off through the end of Nov. 

Until I get these minis painted up and record their first adventure, take care and happy gaming!

-Miniatures by Battle Valor Games, Magister Militum, Alternative Armies, and Ral Partha Europe.  Cards by Brain Vessel.  Mythic Chronicle is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the companies listed.


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