Mythic Chronicle: First Public Showing

I want to give you a picture of what the beginning of a campaign might look like, and in doing so, highlight some of the features of Mythic Chronicle.

Mythic Chronicle follows the lives of adventurers, known as Mythic; mortals who are able to harness and shape reality with a power known as Myth.  I built a character following the character creation rules and gave her a Bound Follower; normal mortals who swear their loyalty to Mythic in exchange for an extended lifespan and a taste of the power of Myth.

Our hero, Taillia Saralla (left) and her follower Eifen Nidria (right)

Next up I generated the Crisis, which is the narrative and mechanical backdrop the campaign takes place in.  I rolled Fear in the streets as the crisis and Silvertusk Raiders as the faction responsible.  Next I asked some Chorus Questions about the crisis, which are essentially yes or no questions that can be answered by the roll of a D6, and came up with the below.

“Outcasts from society, the Silvertusk Raiders are no longer content to ambush merchants on the road.  They have been making forays into the city of Stormrest in the middle of the night in order to kidnap citizens and hold them for ransom.  The people of Stormrest are afraid, and rightfully so.”

Since this is the first adventure of the game I skip over the weekly actions such as visiting the curiosities market, making allies, or going gambling.  I draw 9 cards, and arrange them into sets of 3.

The three available adventures

Looking at the three adventures we find the only the top one is a crisis adventure, i.e. an adventure directly connected to solving the kidnappings.  Taillia hears rumor that an old raider, Huron Jinx has been advising the raiders and is a benefit to their whole faction.  Killing him will help slow the raids on Stormrest.  Huron is a little faster at running than his contemporaries, but also fairly frail due to his advanced age.

After deciding to pursue Huron, the cards get shuffled back into the deck we prepare for the adventure.  Taillia can’t afford any mercenaries and doesn’t need any additional equipment, so sets off to the raider’s territory to take down Huron.

Encounter 1
A♡ - Kennel

"Cages line the walls of this chamber, all empty save for a lone dog, huddled amongst some filthy straw.  It doesn’t look like it belongs here, and is much smaller than the wolves the raiders usually train."

Taillia has the choice of leaving the attack dog caged up, or opening the cage and attempting to tame it using a Socializing challenge.  Because the dog has the ‘animal mind’ trait and Taillia has a Cunning of D12, She’ll have a Penalty(2), making her D12 a D20 to roll against the dog’s D10.

Taillia risks it, and opens the cage, miraculously managing to calm the dog, and it starts to lick her hand.  The dog will follow her for the rest of the adventure.  (For most rolls In Mythic Chronicle rolling lower is beneficial, as the number 1 is universal to all dice and is the number we use for exceptional successes)

Noone needs to recover, and the suit was ♡ so no loot.  We roll for Narrative and find some newly written plans with crude maps of the streets of Stormrest.  They looks like they’re being distributed to the raiders, and Taillia suspects Huron had a hand in their creation.

Encounter 2
8♡ - Being Followed?

"A strange gust of air, unfamiliar noises, or just a bad feeling; It’s possible someone, or something has crept up behind the Mythic."
There is movement in the shadows from the room with the kennels, but Taillia ignores it for now and presses deeper into the camp.  If its a problem, she'll deal with it on her way out.

No recovery or loot, but Taillia finds no signs of increased guards, meaning that either the raiders aren’t aware that Huron’s location has been exposed, or that they don’t care.

Encounter 3
9♠ - 16x16 room 8♠ - 2 Skulkers
Feature - Lair

Taillia turns the corner, moving away from the sounds coming from the kennel and stumbles into a largely empty lair.  (Features are special modifications that are generated in an encounter when the suits of the encounter cards match.)  In the lair are two skulkers; lightly armed raiders using javelins and slings to attack at range.

Lairs are characterized by the presence of several dwellings in the area.  I don’t have anything suitable yet, so I grabbed what we do have in abundance in the house; yarn balls!

Taillia rolls her Finesse (D12) against the encounter initiative target number (7) and gets a 10, meaning she’ll be going after the Skulkers.

Skulker Turn 1.
The Skulkers use the Skirmisher AI, the first one makes a ranged attack against a random opponent and chooses the attack dog.  The skulker and dog rolls their respective finesse dice and compare the results

The skuler rolls a 2, and the attack dog we just rescued rolls a 6.  The skulker has rolled 4 less than then attack dog, so they’ve hit, and the attack dog rolls their Resilience dice against a target number of 5(The difference +1) and rolls a 4.  The attack dog only has 1 fortitude, so is knocked unconscious.

The first skulker move to cover while the other skulker comes around to hurl a javelin at Taillia.  The difference of the roll is 6, in the Skulker’s favor and Taillia rolls a 7, the TN she needed to hit.  Instead of taking trauma she is instead staggered as the javelin knocks off her armor.

Taillia Turn 1
Taillia spends an action to recover from staggered and a second action to move behind a wall while Eifen takes a shot at the skulker with the javelins. 

Eifen rolls a 1, which is a critical success.  (in ranged attacks or melee a critical success automatically causes trauma to your opponent)

Since Skulkers only have 1 Fortitude they’re knocked unconscious and Eifen uses her second action to run behind the wall with Taillia

Skulker Turn 2
With their friend dead and no targets visible, the remaining skulker spends their two actions moving to a place of cover where they can also see their enemies.

Skulker takes cover by one of the lairs and an obstacle.

Taillia Turn 2
Taillia, filled with rage about how this skulker attacked her new dog friend, charges the skulker, who is effectively unarmed!

Taillia rolls a 5 against the skulker's 9, and so the skulker needs to roll a 5 or 6 with their Resilience dice of D6 to live.

With a roll of a 1, the Skulker falls to Taillia’s sword and the encounter is over!

Recovery: Because they are neither a Mythic nor a Bound Follower, the rescued attack dog needs to roll their Resilience dice against a TN6. 

Success!!!  They heal one point of trauma and continue the adventure!  What a good pupper!

No narrative is found so we move on to Loot.

Loot: For each ♠ or ♢ in the encounter we draw a loot card, and the Lair feature affords an additional 3 cards from looting them.

We find 12 Valuables, 2 Reputation, and a random Mastercraft armor or shield.  I roll a D4 and get a mastercraft large shield.  (mastercraft reduces the encumbrance of a shield by 1, and quadruples its value.)  Taillia switches out her small shield for this one, giving her an extra D8, rather than a D6 when taking trauma.

Encounter 4
2♠ - 8x12 room 10♡ - 1Raider, 1Savage Wolf, Huron (Adventure target)

Because we’ve completed 2+ the difficulty(1) encounters, we roll to see if Huron is in the coming encounter and roll a D6, rolling a 6, meaning we’ve found him!

Huron Jinx stares down those who would dare come for him!

Taillia roll a 2 against the Initiative TN of 6, so will be going first.

Taillia Turn 1

Eifen takes a shot at the raider, but misses, causing them to step forward.  As her second action she puts her bow away and draws her light weapon, wishing she had borrowed Taillia’s small shield.

Taillia charges forward against the wolf and wins the melee by 2.

But the wolf rolls an 8 with their Resilience dice, and so is only pushed backwards.

The brave attack dog charges around and attacks the wolf in melee, but rolls a 5 against the wolf's 3!  Taillia decides she cannot risk her dear dog again, and uses the power of Myth to change the wolf’s roll to a 5 as well, resulting in a draw.  The canines break apart and the wolf stumbles into the obstacle behind it, becoming staggered. 

Huron Turn 1
The wolf shakes off the stagger and move into contact with Taillia, but cannot attack.  Huron, feeling threatened by the attack dog and moves in to attack.
Huron is dual wielding, so rolls two dice, but takes a penalty to both dice for doing so.  Despite rolling two dice however, the attack dog wins by 1 and Huron needs to roll his Resilience against TN1.

Huron rolls a 7, and so while he doesn’t take trauma, he is staggered.

On the other side of the room Eifen fights against the orc raider and rolls a 6 against the raider’s 4.  Taillia spends another point of Myth (she only has 2 remaining now) and the two tie instead, breaking apart.

Taillia Turn 2

Taillia pivots around the wolf and attacks, rolling a 1 and inflicting a point of Trauma upon the wolf.  Because she is a Mythic, she gains an additional action this turn for rolling an exceptional success, however since she can’t attack twice in melee the action is wasted. 

Eifen, deciding she is no match for the raider, runs across the room to relative safety while the attack dog takes on Huron.  Because Huron is staggered he takes a penalty to his rolls, and the attack dog is able to beat him in melee, if only narrowly. 

Unfortunately he is only pushed away, so as their second action the 
dog follows up and gets back into contact.

Huron Turn 2

The raider that Eifen left behind charges to defend their boss, but the attack dog turns and leaves the raider staggered,

However, Huron takes advantage while the dog is distracted and lays it low.

The wolf attacks Taillia, but the result is 2vs2; a tie.  They split apart, which causes the wolf to knock into the raider, knocking them down and causing the wolf to become staggered, though the wolf uses their second action to recover from the stagger.

Taillia Turn 3
Eifen spends their actions to re-equip their bow and fire at the wounded wolf, staggering it.  Taillia then moves in to attack, rolling an 8 vs the wolf’s 16.  Because the TN would be a 9, and the wolf cannot roll above that, it immediately takes another point of trauma, and is slain.

Huron Turn 3
All the orc raider can do is stand and recover from being staggered this turn while Huron moves in to attack Taillia.  Taillia wins the melee by 1, and Huron just needs to roll a 2 or better with his Resilience dice to survive.

And he rolls a 1!  Because Huron is old and decrepit, he only has a Fortitude of 1, and the trauma kills him!

Taillia Turn 4
Eifen moves to get a clean shot and wounds the remaining raider, and Taillia moves in and wins the melee, finsihing the job and slaying them.
Recovery: Our attack dog rolls a 2 for recovery, and so has to roll to see if they die or receive a serious injury.  They roll a 4, which would normally mean death, but Taillia spends a point of Myth, making the roll a 2.  The attack dog rolls on the serious injury table using 2D6, rolling a 7, A Close Call!  Our dog wakes up with a serious headache, but no serious injuries!

Narrative: Taillia finds signs of quite a bit of recent habitation, and concludes that the raiders have been using these ruins as a main base, but that most of them are currently out on a raid!  Time to get moving…

Loot: We draw one card due to the ♠ and gain 2 reputation. 

Encounter 5
A♡ - 12x20 room 3♣ - 1Skulker, 1 Wretched
Remember the being followed event?  Well, turns out we weren’t just hearing things!

Taillia manages a 2 against the encounter initiative TN8, meaning she'll be going first.

Taillia Turn 1

Eifen takes a shot at the skuler and beats them by 1, striking them, but the blow only knocks them to the ground.

Taillia can’t see to charge, but she can run up and get into contact with the fallen skulker

Raiders Turn 1

The Skulker stands from prone, using both their actions, but the Wretched is just within range for a charge and would have injured Taillia if not for the large shield she picked up earlier. She is instead staggered.

Taillia Turn 2

Our attack dog charges the wretched, soundly beating them by 8 and slaying them!

Taillia takes the opportunity now that she isn’t engaged with two enemies and disengages from the skulker while Eifen takes a shot.  She beats the Skulker by 3, and the skulker fails to roll above a 1 with both their Resilience and Shield dice.

No recovery or Loot

Narrative: We find some narrative about how the whole adventure ties into the Crisis.  We find out the Huron was not one of the main planners of these raids, and that they were providing these rough maps because they used to live in Stormrest.  With the Raiders pushing into the city on their own, Huron’s usefulness was coming to an end for them anyway.

Post Adventure
Crisis Progresss:  With the Death of Huron Jinx, and at the very least a disruption of the base they were using, we’ve come one step closer to putting an end to the kidnappings.

Scavenge: We didn’t flee the encounter so we manage to scavenge an additional 17 valuables (The total of the unused encumbrance of Taillia and Eifen.)

Gaining Myth: For completing a crisis adventure, Taillia gains an additional point of permanent Myth. 

And finally for our rescued attack dog.  Because the life of an adventurer is a dangerous one, and Taillia isn't not looking to bind another follower to her service we find a good home for the dog we rescued, and gain 5 reputation.

And that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed this peek into Mythic Chronicle.  If you’ve got any questions put them up in the comments!  Thanks for reading!

Miniatures by: Battle Valor Games, Ral Partha Europe, Magister Militium, and Splintered Light Miniatures.


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