Building Dungeons

I'm currently refining the rules for dungeon and cavern generation and one of the problems I've come across is scaling.  While you can easily fit all the miniatures needed into even the smallest dungeon chamber when playing solo, the nature of the enemy scaling system (not to mention other player's miniatures) will fill up smaller rooms very quickly when playing with other people.

I'm solving this by introducing a couple set-up mechanics.  First off is the addition of hallways to the encounter areas.  These provide overflow areas for any miniatures that can't comfortably fit when the encounter is set up.  Player's miniatures may always start slightly into the rooms, though using the hallway as a choke-point now becomes a valid, if not risky tactic.

Secondly there will be a max amount of adversaries that start in the room, leaving room for players to maneuver their miniatures before the tide of adversaries in the hallways rush into the room.

With any luck these additions will help with scaling, but we'll see!


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