For years now I’ve been passionate about RPGs and small scale miniatures gaming. I started off playing in elementary school during recess. We’d roll some D6 and move around a friend’s plastic figures (painted with a toothpick) on a big rock at the far end of the school soccer field. From there we moved to D&D and Warhammer. I’ve come a long way and through many systems since those days but through it all, I've always been tweaking, making up house rules, or developing my own systems.

Which brings us to now. Over the last year and a half I’ve been actively developing a rule-set that is focused on building a game with a strong narrative, interesting combat, and best of all can be played Cooperatively or Solo. I can’t promise it will be the holy grail of gaming, but I hope it’ll be the next best thing. The project’s working title is: The Next Best Solo Co-op Gaming System!, or TNBSCGS! for short.

I’ll figure out a title you can say in one breath in the future, but for now, Welcome to the Blog



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